Jungle Nuts Ltd is a Kenyan Company with tremendous heritage and linkage to the local community. Our Cashews are grown in the Kenyan coastal strip next to the world renowned game reserves of Tsavo East and West.

~Macadamia nuts
~Macadamia and bio briguettes
~Macadamia nut oil
~Cashew nuts

~ISO 22000 award
~Year 2011 Kenya Top 100 SME award
~International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC) Member


Jungle Foundation formed and working under Jungle Nuts Company, is a non profit incentive that aims towards a noble course of positively impacting the society..

The foundation has managed to reach out to lots of deserving Kenyans in the country and making a positive difference in their lives .The foundation been a few years old has shown tremendous growth and a promising future can be seen with such a pace the foundation is moving with.

The foundation supports needy and deserving students ranging from lower to higher institutions of learning. School fees grants have been offered to many students who in turn have shown a positive progressive performance in their academics.
Educational programs include:Civic education to curb drug abuse among the youths, academic booster initiative to motivate best performing students and teachers and enhance competition and Supporting school based project such as classrooms construction, renovation and electrification

Under this: The Foundation searches and welcomes job creators and supports job creating ideas by offering the needed support such as funds.Internal job creation projects have been
achieved such as Refuse Chambers & Estate Dhobis. Market creation, the foundation is
currently working with Jua Kali sector to foresee easily available local market for the Jua Kali sector goods.

Good environment is a key to good development. In respect to this the foundation came up with the construction of 22 refuse chambers situated in different locations in Thika area.This Refuse Chambers aid in environment conservation by managing garbage. This refuse chambers also creates Jobs by having a labourforce that manage them by collecting the garbage.
The foundation also has aims of supporting eco-friendly ideas e.g. cleanup exercises.


Jungle Housing has been a big opportunity of creating jobs while housing the large forgotten Kenya low income populace, who want cheap and decent houses. We are using interlocking blocks, a technology from South Africa where bricks are made using a mixture of quality dust, red soil and small percentage of cement in an hydroponic machine. With just sufficient water, the mixture is compressed to produce beautiful bricks which require no mortar to join since they are all interlocking.

Jungle Housing provides cheap supply of the big 5 in construction; cut-stones or bricks, ballast, sand, cement and steel bars.


Jungle Energy (K) Ltd is a young Kenyan company manufacturing quality concrete poles.
We all realize in order for his country to achieve vision 2030, energy will be the main driver. This will however not happen when the power distribution industry continue relying on wooden poles which have a serious environmental degradation. Moreover wooden pole have been proved to have a life span of only four year while concrete can do 100 years plus. So, for every single concrete pole made, the country saves 25trees! Factoring in down time, repairing costs, appliances surge losses, equipment theft, emergency and outage expenses associated with wooden poles breakages, then as an industry, we don’t have much choice other than go concrete!

In our endeavor to achieve industry goals and objectives, we manufacture concrete poles in the lengths 10m, 11m, 12m, 14m, 15m and 18m. We have a production capacity of 200 poles per day.


Other products from Jungle Energy include:


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