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Great thanks to all mothers who have shaped our lives, showered us with boundless love and held us and the country in prayers.

I returned to the floor of Parliament to push for the renewal of Delmonte land lease. We can not afford to sacrifice jobs for more than 7,000 Kenyans at such a time as this in order to satisfy personalized interests.
The required survey for the land should be hasten to enable Delmonte release the unutilized parts of their land to the Counties for development of public utilities and allow Delmonte to continue with their activities on the fertile agricultural land.
In a great way the company continues to play a big role in Thika economy directly and indirectly.

Jungle Foundation and Youth Team has continued doing rounds targeting public areas with high potential of being hit by Corona virus as they carry out Awareness exercise, giving wash tanks, masks and taking random body temperature of individuals.
My team has been in the forefront to give the small afforded support in fight against #COVID19
I urge everyone to play well his small and big bit in this fight as together #WeShallOvercome