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In a rather busy day, last evening I took time to assist a team of County employees lead by very able Florence Njeri to pull out a Thika Sub County fire truck that was stuck for 3 days at Ngoliba, close to River Athi.
Kudos Team for you great efforts to save lives!

Tuesday 28th April, a very sad day for Thika when we lost 4 young men to swollen River Athi.

Yesterday, I spent the day with one of the 2 survivors, Mr. Bernard Mugo of Ngoliba Village, a Medical Engineering Student at Technical University of Mombasa.
I will organize for a counselling session for the two survivors to assist overcome the trauma.

One of his colleague's body was recovered in the afternoon and taken to town morgue.

The search continues.

My deepest condolences to their families!

May God rest their souls in eternal peace!

Today, I tabled a statement in Parliament on TIMELINES for DELMONTE Kenya Ltd lease renewal on land. This process started in 2012 and till today, the lease is in limbo less than a year to expiry!

This puts at stake 6500 direct jobs and 28000 indirect jobs. Kenya also stands to loose 10 Billion in FOREX income including KES 7.5B on suppliers backward linkage.

This is zero hour for Delmonte. National government MUST RISE ABOVE the county governments and ignore their short term greed and illogical demands. I don't know what magic these counties will perform on this land which they haven't done on land already bestowed on them.

The COST of Delmonte leaving KENYA is just too high! NATIONAL government can't leave it to COUNTY government to deal with this. They are messing up big.

Your Excellency UHURU KENYATTA, if not for any other reason, PLEASE SAVE the 35,000 KENYANS their daily bread!


Big thanks to Broadway Group of Companies for donating Kshs. 25 million towards the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund; Ksh 7.5 million plus 10,000 bales of wheat flour valued at Ksh 12.5 million towards National Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund and Kshs. 5 million towards the COVID-19 Kiambu County Emergency Fund.

Would urge other companies in Thika to emulate the great gesture to join hands in this fight against #COVID19