Jungle Afya(Jungle Health)

JF through Jungle Afya have employed twenty nurse aides who offer assistance in hospitals where there is an acute shortage of doctors. Currently they have employed 20 nurses in our pilot county of Kiambu with 10 nurse aides/ assistants working at Thika Level V General Hospital who receive their salary from the Jungle foundation. Through this initiative they have also donated aprons for nurses at Thika General Hospital. Jungle Foundation is also running a very successful “Home Based Care” for the old, ailing and vulnerable in the society. They have engaged nurses who take care of these senior citizens in their homes.
The Jungle Foundation has an initiative dubbed 'Footsteps of Mercy'. Under this arm they have managed to support individual challenges such as sickness, jigger infested, starvation and provision of basic needs. They reach out to the affected in children homes, schools and home for the elderly. They have also been visiting various children homes and offering foodstuffs, clothing and having fun with the children and affording them a smile. JF have organized outreach programs to the community and farmers, teaching, sensitizing and creating awareness among them on the devastating effects of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse in all Thika Sub County public primary schools.