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The Nampak - Gachagi - Umoja - MidOil road construction is already underway as I push for the contractor to fastrack the work.
This road will give a big relief to the perennial traffic jam along Garissa road from Juakali Junction to Madaraka Posta.
Am also pushing for the first phase of making Garissa road from Gatitu to Ananas into a dual carriage with an overpass at Gatitu Junction and having a round about at Juakali and BAT Junction.
The second phase of dual carriage will extend to Kilimambogo Junction.
Umoja Primary School pupils and teachers are walking with new gait; proud to be learning in a great environment after completion of facelift of the whole school.
Thika Public Schools are changing face and soon this will reflect on their academic performance. We will continue on working to add more classes as demand for the public primary schools have shot up tremendously in Thika.
Thika Kiganjo residents have a better reason to smile in 2021 after the construction of the dilapidated road section from corner 2 to Corner 4 (Athena Junction) got green light from the National Government and being executed under KURA after doing intensive lobbying for the same.
This comes after abandonment of the road by the county contractor after residents complained of shoddy work.
Now that the section from BAT to Kiganjo Corner 2 is tarmacked and operational, the loop joining back to Garissa Road at Kiandutu Broadway and Engen will be a complete circuit after completion of the above section.
Thika Mosque got fumigated by Jungle Team to help in preparation to resume Madrasa classes. The services were well appreciated by Imam Shakur and Islam fraternity who uses the facility.
The new dormitory block for Thika Girls Karibaribi is getting final touches, ushering a beautiful new year for the girls.
This comes in handy as the school tries to keep Covid-19 measures in place and still handle the growing number of students.