Wainaiana Wa Jungle has been keen of his noble course of positively impacting the society through his numerous projects covering various         sectors from Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Environment among others.


Wainaina Wa Jungle supports the needy and deserving students ranging from lower to higher institutions of learning. School fees grants have been offered to many students who in turn have shown a positive progressive performance in their academics.
Educational programs include:Civic education to curb drug abuse among the youths, academic booster initiative to motivate best performing students and teachers and enhance competition and Supporting school based project such as classrooms construction, renovation and electrification

Under this: Wainaina Wa Jungle searches and welcomes job creators and supports job creating ideas by offering the needed support such as funds.Internal job creation projects have been
achieved such as Refuse Chambers & Estate Dhobis. Market creation, the foundation is
currently working with Jua Kali sector to foresee easily available local market for the Jua Kali sector goods.

Good environment is a key to good development. In respect to this the Wainaina Wa Jungle came up with the construction of 22 refuse chambers situated in different locations in Thika area.This Refuse Chambers aid in environment conservation by managing garbage. This refuse chambers also creates Jobs by having a labourforce that manage them by collecting the garbage.
Wainaina Wa Jungle also has aims of supporting eco-friendly ideas e.g. cleanup exercises.

Wainaina Wa Jungle has an initiative that is geared towards helping improve the health standards of the people in the community. It has embarked on a program to train nurse aides and maintain their wage bill as they help bridge the gap of shortage of nurse aides in public hospitals such as Thika Level 5 Hospital.

He has also been able to donate apron to the hospital staff hence ensuring their presentability as they attend the patients.

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